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Renters Insurance in Texas

If you rent your home, it's up to your landlord to purchase insurance that covers the structure. But you need your own renter's insurance policy to repair or replace your possessions. The experts at Hays and Hagan Insurance in West Columbia, TX will work with you to find the coverage you need at the best price.

What does Renters Insurance Cover?

In the state of Texas, most renter's policies cover personal property that is damaged or destroyed. Renters insurance usually also covers loss of use if you are unable to remain in your home while it is repaired or rebuilt. Renters insurance also covers the personal liability you might be exposed to if someone gets hurt at your home. There are also coverage options you can purchase that provide more coverage for things like expensive electronics or art or jewelry. In Texas, most renter's policies cover you in case of fire, theft and storms. But each policy is different, and we will explain to you the details of what is covered by the insurance you are purchasing.

Do I Need to Shop Around for Renters Insurance?

At Hays and Hagan Insurance you can trust us to do the shopping for your policy. As a local and independent agency in West Columbia, TX, we have access to the best carriers in the business. We will do the comparison shopping for you and find the coverage you need at the right price.

Should I Keep Track of My Possessions?

The Texas Department of Insurance recommends taking inventory of the things you own. It is also helpful to have photographs or videos of your things. A comprehensive inventory helps you know how much insurance coverage you need.

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We take a personal approach to your insurance needs. Schedule an appointment with Hays and Hagan Insurance at our office in West Columbia, TX. Let us find the best insurance value for you.